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Tombs of the Cơtu

The Cơ Tu ethnic minorities live in moutainous area of Đông Giang, Tây Giang, Nam Giang (Quảng Nam province), A Lưới district (Hue) and some in Seekoong - Laos.


The Cơ tu artisans were making patterns for the tomb


The tomb is one of the most unique architecture, just as cultural objects, just as non-material culture offers traditional beliefs toward ancestors, the source of the Co Tu ethnic minority . Tay Giang District has advocated conservation and promotion of cultural identity for the Tu development goals, including the restoration of the tomb - the spiritual home of people from - the traditional village of the district.

Clau village elder Berry (village Porning, communal tomb) that the tomb is to put people off to the distant world. Soul of the deceased will turn into the village god, bless united and met many good, crops, comfort, abundant health ... So to make the tomb as the desire of many generations till today.

Most of the Co Tu tomb made ​​of wood, with simple tools such as axes, saws, hand wash, opaque ... but meticulously crafted, meticulous, vivid portrait of the objects, animation, close to daily life in the heart, sincere affection for the deceased.


The Cơ Tu tomb
After killing the pig, the chief of the village took some blood to dedicate to Giàng, their god spirit and got blessing for the tomb construction.
With a simple tool, the Cơ tu artisan made the wood into shape.
The imagery of buffalo always in the constructions of Cơ tu: the Gươi, tomb and the  coffin.
One of the sculptures on the main the pillar



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Tombs of the Cơtu
Quang Nam province