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The Cơ tu festival at Pơr'ning village

fter a period of hard working time, the Cơ tu ( a ethnic minorities) who are living at Dong Giang, Tay Giang (Quang Nam province) come together and celebrate the village festival to pray for God and for their blessing.


Pơr’ning Village - Photo: Lăng A Cúi

According to the concept of Cotu, when the house was full of grain corn, the chicken and pigs are fat enough, the Cotu gather together and celebrate the village festival, dedicated to Giang (the God spirit of the Coty) of their archivement in the last season.


Accordingly, the village self-organization of village festival on their own, and invited the other village elders, chiefs to come and share their happiness.

It's usual when they celebrate the village festival, the Cotu contribute money to buy a male buffalo to give it to their God, Giàng, Before the sacrifice happens, the boys and girls give the traditional dance of T’tung, Zază around the yard.

This is considered an opportunity for people to report Giang the season last year and get blessed for the crop next yea. The festival is also expressed the emotion, the love of people living in the village, tighten the solidarity between the people Cotu.


Befor the sacrifice, the tradional food is being prepared - Photo: Lăng A Cúi
The Cơtu boys, holding spears in hands  - Photo: Lăng A Cúi


The New Gươl House - Photo: Lăng A Cúi


The  Zază dance, a traditional dance of Cơtu -Photo: Lăng A Cúi


The Sacrifice of the buffalo, a cultural ceremony of Cotu  - Photo: Lăng A Cúi


The ceremony of praying for good crop in the next season- Photo: Lăng A Cúi

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The Cơ tu festival at Pơr'ning village
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