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Visiting local villages on trails

One of the most highlight of attraction of Sapa is visiting the villages of H'mong, Day or Red Dao around the Sapa town. It's the way to understand their live style and custom.

There're many ways to reach these villages, you can drive the motor bike or car but if you are the one who love adventure and strong enough then traveling on trail will bring more surprise and amazing.

The rugged trail lay on a foggy hill - Photo: Minh Đức

Treking along the trail through the terraced fields and villages of people living here will make you join the live of the local, witness the daily live of them and get more amazing from them.

We chose the tour including of visiting 3 villages: Ý Linh Hồ, Lao Chải and Tả Van village. With the distance of 12km, we started from 9:30AM. From the center of Sapa town, we moved along the trail toward Lao Chải - Tả Van.

After treking along 2km on really good street, we started to trek on the rugged trail covered many hills. It was a real challenge to ourselve to get over the trail in deep mug and slippery trail, In some palce, it was really challenge when on one side is the mountain reef and the other side is the abyss. In the freezing wind of Sapa, the treking brough up an amazing feeling that will be in memory forever. Step by step, the scense was showing in front of our eyes, stimulating the feeling of enjoying the place like no others in Vietnam.

Lao Chải village looked from the high hill, with the sparkling terraced fields

Treking through the terraced fields

Lao Chải village, it's the place where travelers take a break at noon.
The old and new bridges, entrance to Lao Chải village
A woman embroidering brocade and sale them in front of her house.
A H'Mong family was doing farm work
Children are playing game 

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