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The ancient engraved rocks in Sapa

The ancient engraved rocks in Sapa spreads on an area of ​​about 8 km square of Muong Hoa valley. It's located on the area of three communes: Hầu Thảo, Sử Pan and Tả Van of Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province. The ancient rocks are located right on the path on mountain slopes, the rocks are included of 159 small and large one near the side of the road or in the rice terrace fields..

Sapa ancient rocks were discovered in 1925 by a French - Russian archaeologists, Glubev. On the area of 8km square , nearly 200 rocks are the sequelae of the presence of history of ancient human here. The patterns appear on the rocks with strange shapes: the ladder, the people, roads, scripts etc. Theere're many grooves have round shapes, similar the Sun logo, male and female mating - the symbol of breeding, and many strange lines. In 1925, Professor Victor Goloubev has taken the theory to explain these patterns..

Scientists assume that the old maps of H'Mong ethnic or nearly as books about ancient battles ... There are many different decoding of scientists to study the Sapa ancient rocks. But all the ways of decipher just assuming.

Recently the ancient rocks similar to the ancient rocks in Sapa were discovered in Ta Phin commune (Lao Cai) and Vi Xuyen (Ha Giang), along with the mystery pattern and layout. Phillipe Le Failler intends to proceed to sample these rocks. And when the job completed, he will have in hand the whole system of patterns of ancient rocks were discovered in Vietnam.

Along with updated data and research information on the computer, Phillipe believes that the ancient mysteries in these rocks will be decoded in the near future.
The attraction of Sapa ancient rocks is one of the precious natural heritage of the northwest mountain.

In October 1994 Sapa ancient rocks were recognized as historic national by the Culture and Information ministries and now it's being proposed as a UNESCO world cultural heritage

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