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"The kingdom of Rhododendron"

"The kingdom of Rhododendron" is laying next to the Fansipan peak of the great "Hoang Lien Son" mountain. There're 30 kind of Rhododendron were found here, in the thousand years forest. Dr Nguyen Quoc Tri, director of Science & Technology academy of Lao Cai province, one of young scientists, has been spending years of researching the diversity of the gene source of animals and plants in Hoang Lien Son mountain. Rhododendron not only has beautiful flowers but also very valuable. In recently, the Rhododendron is becoming the high light of tourism when travelers begin to come here for the attraction of Rhododendron in the nature. 

Rhododendron flowers bloom on the way to the Fanxipan peak

The Hoang Lien forest (Sapa) is the location where most of the Rhododendron were found in nature of Vietnam. From the high of 1.800m to 2.200m above the sea level, the Rhododendron grows naturaly. Many size of Rhododendron exist here, from the small growing like a bush to the really big Rhododendron with the bole has the diameter up to 20-25cm and 15-16m high.
Not only the diversity of the bole size, the flowers of Rhododendron on Hoang Lien Son mountain have alot of colors and size. There're 5 main colors: yellow, white, rose, red and violet. The size of flowers is variate from 2-15cm.
Rhododendron flowers bloom all time in year but the most beautiful time is the midle of spring to the begining of summer.
Up to the high of 2.200m above the sea level, when traveler conquer the Fansipan peak, the most attraction scense is the Rhododendron forest. It's the "must visit" attraction! The pictures below are shot from my trip in the amazing time, when the Rhododendron flower bloom over the place.

The Rhododendron has white flowers on the high of 2.200m above the sea level in the Heritage garden ASEAN Sa Pa 

Rhododendron at Hoàng Liên National park

 Ericaceae flowers in the forest

Up to 3000m above the sea level is the Rhododendron has red flower





  *Rhododendron: "Đỗ Quyên" in Vietnamese

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