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The harvesting season of "Tuyết San" tea

"Tuyết san" tea, it's mean tea that Tea is harvested from very old tea trees grow at altitudes above 1,200 m above sea level. Villagers called Snow tea (or Tuyết Shan) because the snow covered tea trees during winter, in spring buds start growing and villagers harvest these buds, which carry special taste delicious.

Photo: Phạm Ngọc Bằng


This is the place where the Tuyết San tea lives on the area of 1.500ha located at the altitudes 600 meters above the sea level. The tea farm was formed by the veterans of Dien Bien Phu battle field and it was managed by the Than Uyên JSC.


The harvesting season starts from March to October, this is the busiest and interested time in year of workers that are working in the tea farm


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The harvesting season of "Tuyết San" tea
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