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Sapa market

Sapa market is an specical market which its activity is very unique culture, where a variety of traded goods, local products, it's not only an opportunity for the local minorities to exchange their goods at the market but also for young men and women meet each other for dating. They sing love songs to praise thier lover, showing their talents through the sound of flute, the sound of praise by the song. That's the way they learn from their soul mate. It's also called "The Love market".

When the sun down, the market area have changed, everywhere in the market, the Dao, Hmong boys and girls gather in groups. They try to give the signal to look for their love. And when night falls, blind under yellow light bulbs, they sat together singing, talking all night. Once they've found their lover, they give each other souvenir for the next appointment and then meet again after markets.

This cultural activity from ancient times and still retain. Sapa Market is one of the tourist attractions for whom love cultural discoveries.


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