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Muong Hum fair

Located right beside of the Muong Hum stream, the Muong Hum fair is an attractive destination of travelers in the journey of discovery the highland Bat Xat (Lao Cai).

It's popular as Sapa love market or the fair of Bac Ha, Muong Hum fair is considered one of the fairs in Lao Cai preserved relatively intact cultural identity of a fair highlands.

8am the fair was really crowded. The most crowded is food area. The phở stall are packed with a lot of people. There were only pork phở and beef phở. The phở noodle were made by the local, so it was different with the phở we used to see in the other places. The phở noodle was bigger and thicker.

Near by the phở stall, the hot cake and "tẻ" cake stalls were full of women and children. In the "thắng cố" stalls there were some men drinking rice wine. In the center of the fair is the brocade stalls of the H'Mong.


Brocade in Muong Hum is mainly woven. Decorative beads on the dress of the White H'mong are different from the colorful brocade of Hoa H'mong. There was also selling a lot of women's hats decorated White H'Mong brocade in this fair.


At the gate of the fair , near the road were stalls of Ha Nhi women from the highland Y Ty, they increased the diversity of goods. Their goods are colored wool roll needle and some stuff…


In particular, Muong Hum fair don't have souvenir brocade items like Bac Ha fair, Sapa fair, it has brocade items for use only.


Items familiar to the uplands civilians are the "gùi" (a basket carry on their back). They carry their goods to the fair in their "gùi", and they used them to sell goods as a stall. Goods brought down almost to the fair in this type of basket. The ripe red peppers baskets, strings of fresh ginger recently harvested or green vegetables, brown and green beans, bamboo shoes...



The most impressive is the H'Mong guys surrounded an old man that selling "khèn" - a kind of flute... They just try to select for them a good "khèn", some time, the sound of "khèn" from a low to high tone in a conner of the bustling fair makes a unique beauty of the Muong Hum fair.

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