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Cao Son fair

Cao Son fair is located in Cao Son Commune, Muong Khuong district, Lao Cai province, and away from Lao Cai city around 80km.
Travelers will have the chance to interact, communicate and learn more about the daily life of ethnic people living in the four largest villages of Muong Khuong.
Cao Son fair is the fair of ethnic minorities: Hmong, Phu La, Dao and Han Den live in four of the largest village Muong Khuong. The fair open every week and only on Wednesday.


When the fair open, from early morning, all the way around the fair, people from the near by villages gather to the fair. They go into group, in pairs and sometimes alone. They came to the fair with goods on their back or used horses to carry the goods and some people go to the fair by motorcycle, bicycle ... Well dressed, they looked beatiful with umbrellas open on top of girls Mong, Dao ... It looked like delicate flowers, bright colors, creating vivid paintings filled and charming.


Cao Son fair seem more beautiful by the people, commodities and natural landscape. In the vast space, vast mountains, people were so small ... They were buying, selling and exchange goods with each other with impartiality. Some bought rice,some bought brocade ,vegetables and fruit while some people were enjoying the specialty of the mountain areas ...


Just like some other fair on the highlands. Cao Son fair is divided into several zones: These items from jungle, such as vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, black mushrooms, honey, alcohol, corn, upland rice, furniture, jewelry ... are concentrated into one area and arranged by categories.

In the colorful scene , highlighted the stalls selling brocade with bright colors, vivid patterns. These products can subtly ingenious talent from the flax plant nurseries, compost fiber, weaving, dyeing the embroidered flower of H'Mong women, Phu La women and Dao women.


But most attention is the sale of livestock and poultry such as buffalo, cows, pigs, chickens, dogs, horses ... The atmosphere in was very busy in this area, buyers, sellers, standing, sitting and scattered, they deal together.


A few hundred meters of the zone for ethnic cuisine. Travellers will easily be overwhelmed by the flavors from the pan of "thắng cố", the food that cooked from buffalo meat, horse meat and beef ... of H'Mong ethnic, slightly spicy yeast of some ethnic wines such as corn liquor Coc Dam , Cốc Ngù ​​...

In the atmosphere of excitement and attractions, travellers could not keep walk away but to stop, sit down and enjoy the ethnic cuisine together with them.


Visit Cao Son fair, travellers have a chance to enjoy the cultural intersection of several ethnic groups living in villages along the Chảy river, the region of Muong Khuong. In addition, travellers also have the chance to cruise on the Chảy river and enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river.

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