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Bắc Hà fair

In the early morning, when dew is still getting laid on the mountains, hang around across the valley, the sound of horses bell jingle on the way to the fair. It was still dawn, people were excited in blue and pink shirt, the sound of people calling each other. And around the fair, people were setting up their stall, showing their goods for trading. When the first sun light came up, the fair seems wake up with a colourful space.

Bac Ha fair is in the heart of town. This is where the exchange of goods, sale of minority ethnic people, mostly from different ethnic villages around. The booth displayed sufficient essential items such as clothing, shovels or furniture.

Visitors to the market with different reasons. Women into the market to buy goods for the family. Men gathered trying to drink a bowl of fragrant corn alcohol with the hot pot. The tourists around here to be mixed in the air tingle of fair of the minorities on moutain. All year round, regardless of weather, regardless of storms or cold, every Sunday morning the fair is opened from dawn to afternoon.

Bac Ha fair has been a destination attracting visitors from everywhere to visit for a long time. The fair was built on a spacious concrete floor. These stalls are distributed to each household, goods and other souvenirs for sale anywhere in the fair. Although the fair was constructed, it's not as it was, but the inherent beauty is still there.

Here, you will meet baby girls and boys first time according to fair with their parents, their face looks fear and curious. On the stall is a finely woven clothing, handicrafts. Far away in the corner of the fair, the sound of "khèn" of a young man looking for lover. You can also visit the attractive and vibrant fair for horses trading.


In the end of the fair, the couple took each other back home, on their back were baskets filled with furniture for a week. On Sunday of next week, they will ride their horses to the fair again.


Bac Ha is located 55 km away from Lao Cai city, the way to get there is nice and easy to go. The town is beautiful in the spring, when the white flowering plum orchards. And do not forget to taste wine specialty here with corn, dried buffalo meat, smoked meat.


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