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Phố Village

Phố Village is a highland district, Bac Ha, Lao Cai province. Travelers not only enjoy the nature beauty but also could have a chance of enjoy the speciality of Pho Village: the Corn alcohol

From a distance, Phố village looks like a beautiful and vivid painting of harmony in the vast blue mountains.with the houses of H'Mong ethnic like the bird nests clinging to the mountainside.
Phố village is the place of H'Mong for a long time ago, there are over 500 households with more than 3,000 people. Arcorrding to the general language of the people living on the northern border strip, "phố" refers to the concentration of residential and restaurants.

The H'Mong at Phố village live in 1 storey house with structure suitable the cold climate: They make houses clinging to cliffs or slopes, floors were usually low, the materials mostly by wood, fireplace always exist in their houses and dried meat all year round. Their specilities are dishes "men men" and the unique.dishes "thắng cố" - a dish cook from the organ of horse, cow.

H'Mong prefer to use a variety of instruments, the most characteristic is "khèn" and "đàn môi"- kinds of instrument of H'Mong. During the New Year festival or the date of the fair, the young men often play "khèn" and "đàn môi" to speak the sentence love singing to the young women.
Costumes of the H'Mong in Phố village is quite unique. They may self-woven linen. Women dress spreading wide skirt, split chest shirt with vivid vignettes pattern, front and rear aprons, leggings leg wrap around their legs. Men wear clothes mostly black.màu đen.

The H'Mong people are living on cultivation on terraced cells, plant fiber flax weaving and taking medicinal plants. In addition, H'Mong at Phố village also owns a unique craft products, is now famous throughout the country and attracts many tourists, it is Phố village - corn liquor.

Entering the house of H'Mong at Phố village, visitors will see a kitchen located in the gable; this is where the liquor is made. Corn liquor flavor, smell spread throughout space in the house, especially on the occasion of the fair Bac Ha and Tet festival.

Regarding methods, the liquor making Phố village does not complicated, however, to have brought its own unique flavor of the Phố village, this liquor should have traditional secret formula.

The civilians in Phố village said, to make Phố village liquor; first, the corn must be grown and developed by to the climate here. In the liquor making stage, they take water from the stream Hang Dể, to soak the corn in cold fog use "Hồng My" seed - seed shaped like millet and especially aromatic, are planting with the corn on the upland, used to make liquor.

The device used in alcohol is a pan large cast iron, which is surrounded by a wooden strapping is sealed, placed on the stove wide approximately 3m ² and the fire must burn continuously, so to ensure the quality of liquor . For every 3 kg of corn is to be around 40-45 º 1 liter of liquor, with some one has high making techniques they could have 60 º liquor, for who come to fair usually cook about 20 liters

A special scense when the guests step into the kitchen of H'Mong while they're cooking liquor, guests will find in the kitchen ceiling hanging several strings of meat of all kinds: cattle, goats, pigs .. . This is the extremely special bacon that no place ever had, they have the flavor of corn liquor. Moreover, the landlord was very kind to invite visitors to enjoy a glass of liquor that they has just finished taking still slightly warm with a dish of bacon.
The Phố village corn liquor has followed the travelers across the country, although only one drink, it's unforgettable!

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