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Phong Nha cave

Phong Nha cave is located on Ke Bang karst, Son Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh, away Dong Hoi Town 60km.Phong Nha cave is also called as the Trốc cave or Cave Pagoda, Phong Nha is " The most beautiful cave "of Vietnam.

Phong Nha cave has many branches with a total length up to about 20km, but it is now exploring new branch is part of the longest underground river known as the Nam Aki river, but Son river is the exposed part to the surface. It's underground in the mountains of Pu-Pha-Dam over 20km to the south. The front of cave, the landscape of mountain and rivers is really charming, impressive nature with countless interesting images appear. In high-water season, the river Son rising, obscure the entrance of the cave, travel boats cannot enter. There's a legend, more than one hundred years ago, the young King Ham Nghi was hidden here with a number of courtiers during his revolution.

The cave entrance is about 20m wide, 10m high, with stone heaving. When the boat go through the entrance, it looks like a bowl covering on the water. The water is clear and flat as a mirror. Mixed with the sound of the oars is the sound sounded like the gongs. A local resident said that that is the music in the feast of Mountain Spirit ...

Phong Nha cave has over 20 chambers with up to 1500m long main cave and the sub cave for hundreds of meters long. The outer cave ceiling above the water surface is about 10 meters. The cave chambers inside, from the 4 th row on the ceiling as high as 25-50m. From the second chamber 14, visitors in the cave can go deeper underground to the larger chamber is somewhat broader but more dangerous, where the limestone weathering process still continues. Toward the upstream 800m, the boat go to shallow area, where the cave called shallow water cave, the water gave way to sandstone. Stalactites hanging from the top down, bottom-rising stalagmites deposited as fringed with trees exotic shapes.

It is difficult to describe the majestic beauty of the cave chambers, the cave filled with limestone stalactites glistening under the bright torch of the underground river

Travelers can feel interested or nervous, fear as they realize as in the mouth like a giant monster: The strange shapes of the limestone that man's imagination is free to assign them to any thing that they can imagin. After dozens of scientific exploration of Vietnamese, French, British ... Phong Nha is still there with the mystery.


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Phong Nha cave
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