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Suối Tranh - Painting Stream


With a length of 15km and original from Ham Ninh mountain, Suối Tranh (Painting stream) flows through the primitive forests, on rocks forming small interesting waterfalls. Away from Duong Dong town about 10km on the roads between Duong Dong - Ham Ninh, Suối Tranh is an attraction, camping favorite.

Nestled in the shadow of green forests, the trails lead to Suối Tranh is covered with trees. The scene and air would be interesting because of the feeling of leaving the air of the sea behind to enter the cool air in the forest just a few minutes stepping on the trails.
On the streams is about 4 meters high waterfall, pouring down a lake at the foot waterfall, This is an ideal destination to relax, or watch the spring landscape to prepare for more exploration of the stream.

Trails, waterfalls, trees and surrounding landscape created a beautiful and perhaps they also the origin of the name of Suối Tranh.
Near the spring there are many cave such as Bat Cave is located about 200 m high altitude on the mountain, deep as 50 m, there are many beautiful stalactites, fancy.


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