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Suối Tiên - Fairy Stream

Phu Quoc is not only famous by the beauty of blue sea and white sand, but also by the clear cool stream in the forest primeval. From the town of Duong Dong to the Rock Stream village about five kilometers, to the junction then turn left, go into the red dirt road about two kilometers to the Tien springs.

Road Suối Tiên is quite narrow, just can only go by motorbike, but it's very beautiful, relatively easy way to go, and winding between lush primeval forest. The road into the Tiên stream was pretty much "sim" (a local plant) grow. On the "Sim ripening" season (December to February lunar calendar), the local people were about picking sim incubated for fermentation to get the sim juice, then mixed with rice wine to have "Sim" wine - a specialty is famous as well as fish sauce and pepper in Phu Quoc.

Tiên Stream originates from the mountains and stretches with a flows of over 1 km, and the water is so cool clear. Like Da Ban stream, Tranh stream, Tien stream also has the fairly flat rocks that can become the "stone table" for guests lodging. The streams form small waterfall and a fairly large lake at the foot of the water fall.

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