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Khem beach

Located in the southern of Phu Quoc island, away from Duong Dong town around 25km, belong to An Thoi tow. From An Thới, go toward the east about 2km will reach Khem beach, this place is not noisy and busy as other beaches in Duong Dong town.

Khem Beach is the beach which is very low slope, stretching coast, it is a nice clean beach and famous for its fine white sand, blue clear water that can see the bottom.

Not so many travellers arriving in Phu Quoc know this Khem beach.The Khem Beach was under the management of the Army, that was very affordable for the large-scale exercises. The why Khem Beach has no name on the travel map of Phu Quoc.

Today Bai Kem was no longer under military management. It was transferred to the island district managers to develop tourism, with a beautiful location and lovely beach that is attracting visitors for their relaxation

For the people of Phu Quoc, this is a familiar address of the holiday or weekend. Not as famous as Sao beach but if when comparing with Sao beach then Khem beach has it own beauty with native forests with abundant flora and fauna, landscape and wildlife look like their no foot steps of humans here. 

The path to Khem beach

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