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Hòn Thơm island

Hon Thơm is the largest island in the commune of Hòn Thơm, was founded in 2003 by the Prime Minister, currently, the population of Hon Thơm is more than 3,000 people on the island

People live concentrated on the 2 coast east and west shores of the island and move follow the seasonal winds that make the island interesting and special . Almost every family on this island has 2 houses, one on the east side and 1 on the west side. They will move when it changing seasons and the seasons are called "mùa trướng" and "mùa nam". For the house that they were not staying, they were covered by coco leaves in front of the house to avoid sea salt to bring rusted furniture and also avoid sand entering that house.

To reach Hon Thom, only to be by boat, with two kinds of boat, cruise ships that organizes tours to fishing and diving for coral island and passenger boat for the route Hòn Thơm - An Thới.

In An Thoi archipelago has more than 12 islands, located orderly and the space between islands are call "canals", that could be up to 60m deep water. Hòn Dừa will be insight first then Hòn Rỏi ( the local people pronouce Hòn Giỏi), the island of the of the pearl breeding on the sea. And finally, Hòn Thơm.

The closer to Hòn Thơm, the clearer image of a real fishing village appeared. Many temporary houses were built up on the sea shore, the fishermen were mending their nets sitting leisurely and peaceful. Go to the center island, there's a small market. In Hon Thom does not have concrete roads, all dirt roads and large trees that made really cool air.


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