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Gành Dầu beach

Gành Dầu belong to the northern of Phu Quoc Island. The pristine beauty of the mountains,  jungle, marine Gành Dầu easily suprise anyone when first came to this place.

Road to Gành Dầu through the National Park - north of Phu Quoc island. Compare to the Dương ĐÔng town, the South Island - An Thoi islands then the North of island is sparsely populated and much poorer. Run over 20km, you can feel the cool air radiating from Phu Quoc National Park offers a very pleasant sensation and relaxation.


Phu Quoc National Park is almost intact and is considered the only ancient forest remaining native in the South. National Park area of ​​Phu Quoc are now more than 8,500 hectares, there are many rare animals and plants. The difference between Phu Quoc forest with other forest land is concentrated in the forest ecosystems of the country including mangroves, mangrove forest, grass forests, secondary jungle and primary jungle and many particularly rare herbs...

If interesting in exploration of the jungle, you can stop to explore the jungle and and then back out the red dirt roads to Head for Gành Giàu sea shore. There is temple of the hero Nguyen Trung Truc. From the temple, go forward 2 km further is Gành Dầu sea.


There's a beach with bow shape stretch longer than 500m, itis shielded by two mountains. On the beach itself remains a ship was hit by storm in 2000. Standing on the beach of Gành Dầu, you can see Mount Tà Lơn in Cambodia. Gành Dầu has many reefs, rocks and fish, especially red grouper. Seafood is cheap here, the fishermen caught fishes and cooked right on their boats. 

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