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Diving in Phu Quoc

In Vietnam, Hon Mun island is the most popular diving location but to many professional divers, Phu Quoc island is truly the "Paradise of diving" in Vietnam.

In 1999, there was no travel service in Phu Quoc island, the only way to discover the wildness of the islands was escorting the fisherman on their journey to the open sea. 

Phu Quoc island has 500 ha of coral reef which has identified 252 species and 14 of their 49 varieties of hard coral, 19 species of soft corals, diverse world of fish (grouper, fork, open, close .. .), all kinds of pearls, dune snail, turtle, sea anemones, and sea grass - food of the "mermaid" (the way local people call the dugong).

Diving services has begun in 2002 by the coporation of Rainbow Divers and Saigon Phuquoc Spa & Resort. Dinving becomes one of the most interesting of travel services in Phu Quoc island. It is for everyone but especially for who loves adventure and  discover the sea life. From November to April, it's able to dive in the North and South of the island while from May to October, it's just able to dive in the Southern of Phu Quoc island only.

In the southern of Phu Quoc island, the best locations are Hon Thom island, Hon Vong Ngang island and in the North are Hon Doi Moi island, Hon Mong Tay island. All these locations have very beautiful reef and clear water and they are belong to the world' biosphere reservation.







Amateur just allow to join the snorkeling while profesional divers could free to dive. It depends on the diver wish, each diving could take half a day or entire of day or night.It's must book 1 day before in advance for health checking and diving licenses.

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