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Đá Ngọn stream

Đá Ngọn streams located in the northeast of Phu Quoc Island, belong to the North Island Nature Reservation. Đá Ngọn streams flows into Duong Dong lake, there're 7 beautiful waterfalls with unspoiled natural beauty on this stream.
While the Tranh stream, Da Ban stream only have water in the rainy season, Đá Ngọn streams flows for the whole year.

To arrive Đá Ngọn tream, you have 2 options: go across the lake by boat or take a trekking around the Duong Dong lake. Duong Dong lake has the circumference of 3.5 kilometers, 15 meters deep, created from canyon and a concrete dam, which provides water for the town of Duong Dong. The water is so clear and blue that can see the fishes swimming around the boat .

The road going up stream along by the stream could be the most spectacular scense, the stream flow gentle, winding like a painting with long glamor women hair. You must to have good health and endurance to conquer the 7 waterfalls rushing down round the year.

The lake at the foot waterfall as spacious Jacuzzi pools that nature treats travellers who conquer the beautiful waterfalls. Here is the place where travellers can explore the vegetation abundant forest of Phu Quoc with orchids, the precious wood.

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