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Phu Quoc pearls

Phu Quoc pearls are very attractive to travelers because of their prefer classic beauty. For not mistaken, travelers need to know necessary knowledge about pearls. Of course, a large budget is needed because pearls are not cheap....

Coming to Phu Quoc (Kien Giang), visitors can enjoy the beauty from the pearls island. Nature generously endowed this land of beautiful scenery, safe from the wrath of the sea and good conditions for culturing pearls. Therefore, Phu Quoc pearls were grouped as the most beautiful pearls in the world.

It's not hard to find out the pearls booth and facilities cultured pearls on this beautiful island. In the past few years, the people of Phu Quoc quickly grasp the technique of pearl culture of Australia and Japan to develop the technology of culturing pearls on the island. Traditional pearl with white, milk, some rare pearls are black, amber ... With modern technology, people can make pearl into shape and color as desired, such as hearts, drop, square, triangle, diamond .... Therefore, the abundance of pearl on this island could meet the diverse demand of tourists. But there's afact that fake pearls are existed, traveller need to be aware of and should buy pearl at facilities with high reputation. 

Phu Quoc pearls are only about 20% of the market on Phu Quoc island, natural pearls even more rare. For connoisseurs of pearls, the most importantly factors are color, luster of pearl. For those who love the classic beauty of pearls usually choose white pearl milk. These kind of pearls are very popular and easy to mix with dresses. There are luxurious pearl, black pearl that more expenive and very beautiful.

A precious pearl can cost of hundred dollars. Black pearls, with the price about $ 1,000 / pearl (10-12 mm). The most prevalent is worth about $50 / pearl. To avoid confusion, travelers should refer to those who have experience in this area and buy at the prestigious address. Two facilities that are usually taken to buy pearls in the tour is the Cội Nguồn and Pearl Joint Venture Company Vietnam - Australia. Many souvenir shops on the island also sell the popular pearl type. However, when buying travellers should choose carefully because not return the product after purchase.

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