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Hàm Ninh fishing village

Ham Ninh, a very popular destination on the island of Phu Quoc, a fishing village nestled at the foot of Mount Ham Ninh, Commune of Ham Ninh province, east of Phu Quoc island. Ham Ninh is an old village, wild, houses with thatched roof, bamboo walls, rustic. Villagers live mainly on catching pearls, sea cucumbers, and fishing. Ham Ninh is also well known pier that reach out to the sea near 2km, beautiful beaches and fresh seafood.

No one knows this village ever since, just know that, while Phu Quoc island deserted, some residents of from land to the exploitation of marine resources, and established the village. When the seaport of Dương Đông with large waves then the Ham Ninh is quiet and safety for boat. Boats from the mainland docked here for unloading goods and then loading with seafood. Minh Mang reign, Ham Ninh villages belonged to Phu Quoc, Viet Chau district, the An Bien, Ha Tien.

Over time, Thieu Tri then Tu Duc reign, to the French colonial period, Ham Ninh belonged to, Kien Giang then Rach Gia, and Ha Tien and many counties later.

Now, Ham Ninh is belonged to Hà Tiên - Kiên Giang province.

Ham Ninh fishing village located on the eastern coast of the island, mountains in the back, facing the immense sea. A few hundred yards away from Ham Ninh beach and still shallow. When the tide is down the vast sand beach stretch away, when the tide is up , the water floods to make the forest edge. Standing on Ham Ninh beach, looking far away can see the Pirate Islands; deviate to the South is the cape Ông Đội, the farthest cape to the South.

Visit Ham Ninh in the early morning or at night when the moonlight shine above to enjoy the beauty of the sea. It's the enjoying the scene of the moon shadow floating on the sea. It's incomplete when you reach here without try the boiled crabs. Crab is the specialty of this island. These red boiled crabs just caught from the sea, and with lemon juice - salt and pepper sauce you can feel the meaning of "enjoying".

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