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Catching squid at night

Phu Quoc at night is calm and peaceful, it's not too much noise. The sound from the sea easy made people fall asleep with comfortable feeling.

 Phu Quoc night, we started the squid catching tour by making a group with some more guys to make a tour. Large boat, on the roof with chairs for visitors who interested in watching the sea at night. The boat traveled not far away from the dock and anchor was dropped. The light shone brightly an area of the sea. The tool for catching squid is a tube with wire and a hook attached. Wire coils are rolled into a tube about 10 m to 20 m for squid fishing. Especially do not need really bait to catch squid, just use a fake bait.

The joy and laughter were all over the boat when someone catched a squid. Fresh squid looked different to the squid we saw in the supermaket. The sailor, he quickly grabbed the squid and put it in a bag in a professional manner.

The fishs were jumping in groups in front of our eyes, it was really amazing. There was a big squid swimming beside the boat, the sailor thrown the hook toward it, it bit the bait and got catch. A moment later, a pot of squid porridge was served. A plate of boiled squid with fish sauce and ginger could make us feel warmer.

Perhaps each person has his own feeling, to me, I felt alitle bit sad when I was leaving here. This place had so many thing that attracted me to stay longer. A trip with 5 days seem so short and past by too quick.

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