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Standards of The Phu Quoc ridgeback

Standards of The Phu Quoc ridgeback (Translated from the Standard of 001/VN/20.09.2009 – Vietnam Kennel Association)

ORIGINAL: Phu Quoc Island – Vietnam
BREED: Hound
HISTORY: Phu Quoc ridgeback is a original breed and has been raised a very long time ago by the local people living on Phu Quoc island – Vietnam. Because of the isolation of Phu Quoc island, the Phu Quoc ridgeback has the pure blood line.
Some Phu Quoc ridgebacks were brought back to France in the end of 19th century by a man whose name is Gaston Helouin in Helfaut, Pas-de-Calais, Northern of France. Names of the 2 Phu Quoc ridgebacks are Xoài (Mango) and Chuối (Banana), they were born in 1892. Xoài and Chuối won the price in Dog competition in 1894 in Anvers, Belgium.
Beside, there were 3 Phu Quoc ridgebacks in Paris, France. They were researched by the zoologist Emile Oustalet and Phu Quoc ridgeback was considered as the ancestor of the Dingo in Autralia.
In the manner of preserve Phu Quoc ridgeback, the Vietnam Kennel Association – VKA recreated the standard of Phu Quoc ridgeback base on the standard of Count Henri del Bylandt

The first impressions of a good Phu Quoc ridgeback are the sharp muscle, sturdy limbs. It has the shape of hound dog but head and body are heavier. Phu Quoc ridgeback has medium size.

Phu Quoc ridgeback is very alert. It has the flexibility and the strength, durability, especially in hunting. The speed of Phu Quoc ridgeback is quite good, the acceleration and changing direction while running in high speed very good, especially in a small area. Phu Quoc ridgeback can climb on tree, swimming and jump very high.
Phu Quoc ridgeback is friendly and very good companion.


  • Height (to shoulder) / Body length: 1/1
  • Full length of the head / Length of snout: 2/1
  • Head: long enough in good proportion.

When looking from aside it has the curve and when looking down from above it’s flat.
Forehead: there’re wrinkles when the dog pays attention to something.

  • Nose: Black
  • Snout: in V shape.
  • Lips: Tight and black
  • Tongue: There’re black spots, pure black tongue is more favored.
  • Ears: Ears are high set and turn forward. Inside the ears there is less hair.


  • Back: Straight and strong.
  • Hip: Muscle and sturdy
  • Chest: Not too wide, ribs are strong and stay close together.
  • Stomach: Lean,
  • Tail: Short. The length of the tail does not reach the back hock.

Front legs:

  • Straight and parallel to each other in the front view or side view. The knees of the front legs are close to the body.
  • Shoulder: Muscle and inclined
  • Toes: Close together, bunched
  • Nails: Black or yellow, the color must be matched with the hair color.

Back legs:

  • Thigh: Muscle and sturdy
  • Hocks of the back legs: Strong
  • Feet: In eclipse and has thick pads
  • Toes: Toes: Close together, bunched, redundant nails must be cut.

HAIRS: is short and hard. They’re close to the body of the Phu Quoc ridgeback. The length of hair is shorter than 2cm.

  • The ridgeback hair is darker than body hair.
  • The length of the ridgeback is larger than ½ body length.
  • There’s spins on the beginning of the ridgeback. Other spins in the ridgeback are acceptable as long as they’re symmetric.


  • Solid color or brindle.
  • Solid color:
  • Black.
  • Yellow: From yellow to red. The most favorite is yellow with black head.
  • Hair with yellow but the tip is black is not a favorite color.
  • Brindle: black stripe on yellow.


  • Male Phu Quoc ridgeback: 15-20kg
  • Female Phu Quoc ridgeback: 12-18kg


  • Male Phu Quoc ridgeback: 50-55 cm (to the shoulder / +- 2cm are acceptable)
  • Female Phu Quoc ridgeback: 48-52 cm (to the shoulder / +- 2cm are acceptable)


  • Soft hair
  • The spins on ridgeback are not symmetric.
  • Aggression, shyness
  • Has no ridgeback
  • Dermoid Sinus Cyst – DSC
  • Missing teeth PM 1-2-3
  • Nose and lips are not in black
  • Eyes:
  • Eyelids are not in black
  • Eyes color are in light color (yellow, blue…) 2 eyes are in different colors.

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