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House of the barrels

Beside the blue sea, white sand,  Phu Quoc is also known because of the "houses of barrels". They're the place where the fish sauce is produced. The huge barrels with tons of fishes inside could make some interesting for who want to discover how the fish sauce is made.

Huge barrels are in line - Photo: Đ.Tâm

There're nearly 100 "houses of barrels" in Phu Quoc produce the premier fish  sauce. Come and witness the procedure of fish sauce production is one of the most interesting experience in Phu Quoc. These barrels are made from wood, a specific tree that grow in Phu Quoc island only, it's called "bời lời" tree. Each barrel is 2 metters to 4 meters high, diameter is from1.5 meters to 3 meters and can contain from 7 tons to 13 tons of fish. For the outside, each barrel is braced by the rattan belts which are ussed up to 60 years.

This barrel is made of "Bời lời" wood, that is only grow on Phu Quoc island - Photo: Đ.Tâm

To produce the high quality fish sauce, it's not only depend on the barrels but also the material, the Chinese Anchovy. Phu Quoc fish sauce are made from the Chinese Anchovy only. Fresh   Chinese Anchovy are produced with salt right on boat, after they are catched from the ocean. Right after the boat back to the island, fishes will be contained and packed in the barrels within 15 months. When the period of incubating is over the excluding of liquid is begin. After many process, the liquid excluded from the mix of Chinese Anchovy and salt become fish sauce.

This ladder is used for checking the mix in the barrels - Phot: Đ.Tâm

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