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Dinh Cậu - The temple of Fishermen

The "Cậu" temple is the place of Mr Tài and Mr Quý worshiping. The local fishermen worship before every voyages to pray for the safety, peaceful harvest.

The Cậu temple was original from the Midle of Vietnam,Da Nang. It's a customary of the local people of worshiping property and wealthy that they called respectfully Mr. Property and Mr Wealthy (Mr Tài and Mr Quý).

The Cau temple is also known as Dragon King shrine, an exotic beauty was made up of rocks and sea. It is located on the rocky headlands where trees rarely grow. The temple has been standing there for over 100 years.

Cậu temple was built around the seventeenth century, away from Duong Dong town 200 meters to the west. From white sand beach, to get to the temple, there're 29 stone steps to the temple gate. From Cau Temple, Duong Dong market is in view.

Before each voyage or on holidays, the island people pray for peace voyage. Every year, on 15, 16- Oct lunar calendar, people open big festival with lots of people attending.

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