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Ngo Dong river - the season the golden harvest


Row a boat in Ngo Dong river in the harvest season to have a different look of landscape, people and earn more travel experiences.

The landscape of Ngô Đồng river  - Photo: Nguyên Nguyên

Ngo Dong is a name of a small river in Ninh Hai ward, Hoa Lu district - Ninh BInh province. Flow between the green limestone mountains and on the river shore are the golden rice fields. Harvest season was comming, groups of small boats went slowly by the rowing of the farmers along the river make a stunning landscape of Ninh Binh. 




Ngo Dong is the only water way for travelers to reach Tam Coc - an attraction that called "The Ha Long in land" because of the landscape and the beauty of nature. 

Small boats fully load of rice - Photo: Nguyên Nguyên 

Nằm cách Hà Nội chừng 100km về phía nam, du khách có thể dễ dàng tới thăm Tam Cốc - Bích Động - Ngô Đồng trong ngày bằng cách đi xe máy hoặc xe khách. Đây cũng là nơi thích hợp để tổ chức tour tham quan cho các nhóm sinh viên, câu lạc bộ ở Hà Nội với thời gian ngắn và chi phí phù hợp nhất.

Bến thuyền Tam Cốc nằm tại thôn Văn Lâm, xã Ninh Hải, giá vé 60.000 đồng/ khách cho một chuyến chèo đò vãn cảnh trong khoảng 2 giờ qua thăm hang Cả, hang Hai và hang Ba trên dòng Ngô Đồng.

Beside the jobs of famers and embroiders, the local people work as boat drivers for travelers on the other hand. Every family own their boats and the boat transportation are operated by the local goverment. 

In the high season, the boat owner can earn enough for their family, but in the low season, it's rarely to have a chance to row the boat for travelers. It's the reason why the the boat drivers usually ask their neighbour "Số mấy rồi?" (what's your number?) - They ask to know when will their boats be at the pier for travelers.

In the end of May, the rice on the both side of Ngo Dong river start to turn yellow, it's time for harvest and travelers are not so crowded but it's the busy time to harvest before all the fields are flooded. 

Photo: Nguyên Nguyên

A boat driver - Photo: Nguyên Nguyên

Tam Coc, it's the name of the tree caves, Cả cave, Hai cave and the Ba cave is on the Ngo Dong river that go through the limestone mountain. The Cả cave is 120 metters long, Hai cave is about 60 metters long and Ba cave is 45 metters long. 

The feeling when the boat go through the limestone cave is really interesting. The cool air, the darkness, the sound of the oars when rowing the water, all of them mixed together and create the strong feeling but amazing.

Landscape of Tam Coc and Ngo Dong river - Photo: Nguyên Nguyên

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Ngo Dong river - the season the golden harvest
Tam Coc - Ninh Binh province