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Mun island

Hòn Mun (Mun island - "Mun" mean ebony in Vietnamese) is one of the most romantic island of the islands in Nha Trang. Hòn Mun is away from Cầu Đá port 10 km (about 45 minutes by boat). Hòn Mun is not only attractive by the white sand, blue sea... this place is also famous as one of the "rich and beautiful" natural "aquarium" of Southeast Asia. It is also known that many travel services and explore the beach with glass bottom boat and diving services.
The name "Hòn Mun" come from the high and rugged cliffs forming up caves, particularly black rock here as ebony, very rarely seen elsewhere, located in the southeast of the island,.

Total area of ​​the entire conservation area is 160 km2, of which 122 km2 is sea surface and the area of ​​38 km2 of the island. The coral reefs and diverse ocean ecosystems and abundant marine reserves of Hòn Mun is the first and only sea conservation of Vietnam today. WWF rated this area is the most marine biodiversity in Vietnam, particularly rich in corals, has now discovered about 350 species.

Ecosystem, the marine plants are abundant here. Statistics show that the world has 2,000 species of coral and marine creatures, Hòn Mun has 1,500 species.
In Hòn Mun, coral situated at the depths of 10m, along with lots of colorfull fish and other marine creatures. In the depth below 18 m, the beauty of coral is replaced by many caves. Some caves are 10-15 m deep, where we can observe marine life in the dark such as shrimp, squid, lobsters, stingrays ...

In the black rock caves of Hòn Mun, nesting birds nest in these caves annually. Due to the terrain of the island very close to the ocean currents bring heat from the equator to be suitable conditions for the development of many types of coral and tropical marine organisms. The sea bed of Hòn Mun is a set of marine population abundance, diversity. It the ideal place to observe, study and useful for marine research, oceanography and visitors to learn about the sea. Arrive Hòn Mun, visitors can go diving or glass bottom boat to see the colorful coral reefs with many marine creatures.

Hòn Mun is located south of Nha Trang Bay, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province.

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