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Dốc Lếch beach

From Nha Trang city, go along national road 1A toward the North, crossing the Bánh Ít mountain pass , a new road, straightforwardly lead you to Dốc Lết beach. This destination located on the territory of Ninh Hòa, away from Nha Trang City 50 km.

Dốc Lếch or Dốc Lết beach is located in Ninh Hai ward, a town of Ninh Hòa, Khánh Hòa, Vietnam. Dốc Lết is a beach with white sand stretches along the blue ocean, high above the beach are the trees separated from land to sea. Dốc Lếch beach currently is an attractions in Khánh Hòa province

The name "Dốc Lết " (Dốc Lếch) come from the white sand dunes stretch very long and high right behind the trees that seperate the white sand dunes with the ocean. From the inland, if someone to reach the ocean, he has to cross the sand dune, that will make him tired so that he to crawl (lết in Vietnamese) to get over the sand dunes.

The sea floor of "Dốc Lết" (Dốc Lếch) sloping away from the shore but not steep as the other beaches. 100m away from shore, but water level is just only from the chest. Inside the shore is the casuarina forests like the green walls.

The natural landscape of Dốc Lết beach attract travelers alot. It is also very close to the famous Vân Phong Bay, one of the international tourist (OMT) has been surveyed and rated very high for future tourism development of this region. Arriving Dốc Lết, travelers can visit the fishing villages, salt fields, Hòn Khói island, Hòn Hèo island..

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Dốc Lếch beach
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