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Diving at Hon Mun island

Hon Mun island is the first marine conservation of Vietnam, located in the Nha Trang Bay. After 10 years of conservation and environment improvement, this island is becoming the attraction for people who love diving and discover the sea life.

People come to Hon Mun for diving - Photo: H.Luận

8:00AM, the tourism boat left the "Cau Da" pier heading for the Hon Mun island while the instructors and tour guide instructed for diving operation. A group of foreigners have the diving licenses and they were free to explore the sea bed at the depth at 10 metters to 30 metters in 1-2 hours. The rest of people just allowed to explore the reef at the depth at 6 metters maximum.

Because of the beauty of nature, there're more and more people come here to witness the live life at the reef.  It was foreigners here for diving, but now  Vietnameses start to pay attention to this activity" said Mr Nguyễn Tấn Thành - the diving coach.



Diving coach - tour guide dived for collecting garbage- Photo: H.Luận

Photo: T.Thành

Coral & Fishes - Photo: Tấn Thành

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Diving at Hon Mun island
Hon Mun island - Nha Trang