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Đại Lãnh beach

Đại Lãnh is located adjacent the boundary between Phu Yen and Khanh Hòa province, Nha Trang City and about 80 km and from Tuy Hòa town about 30 km.

Arrive Đại Lãnh beach from Tuy Hoa town, go through Cả mountain pass, a large pass at the boundaries of two provinces of Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen, on 12 km winding road passes, traveler will find a pretty beach appear in front of his face with wide and long white beach with blue ocean, sparkling sun.

Đại Lãnh beach is made from pure white sand, clear and blue sea that can see the bottom of the sea. This is a shalow beach, you can swim really far but the sea level just right at your waist. On the beach, there even a fresh water flow in the sea. From Đại Lãnh beach, travelers can take boats to visit the Khải Lượnng or Đầm Môn fishing village, that are the easternmost strip of land in Vietnam. Vũng Rô port is located not so far away.

Đại Lãnh landscape had been listed in the scenic spots of the country. In 1836, Minh Mang emperor order workers carved Đại Lãnh landscape on one of the great nine copper cauldron that were placed in the royal yard in the royal citadel. In 1853, under Tu Duc emperor reign, Đại Lãnh location was in the location dictionary published by the royal publisher.

Travelling across Vietnam, you have to pass the great Ca pass, where standing on, the famous Đại Lãnh beach is below your feet stretch out with white sand and the clear blue sea water.

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Đại Lãnh beach
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