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Awake Ninh Van bay

A stunning landscape appear in sight at the end of road stimulate a strange feeling inside, some kind of a feeling like a traveler found an oasis when getting lost in desert.


Landscape on the way from Ninh Phước to Ninh Vân - Photo: Trần Tiến Dũng

Depart form Nha Trang, along the national road "1A" to Ninh Hoa ward then Ninh Phuoc, we drove on the way  along the sea shore to Ninh Van. We've asked some local people for the way to Ninh Van, they answered us doubtedly and afraid for our journey: "What are you going there for? It's really hard to get there, if you have bad luck and your bikes are not usable then there's only way to get there on foot!"

60 kms away from Nha Trang, Ninh Van belong to Ninh Hoa ward  - Khanh Hoa province.  Ninh Van was considered at a place separated from the rest of Khanh Hoa province because there's one way to reach here: just by boat although it's belong to the main land. 

They told us the true, on our way, we just only saw the workers who built the road to Ninh Van. It was dusty and rocky... The road was still underconstruction, one side is the riff and the other side is the sea deep under your foot.

At the high of 200m-400m above sea level, the wildeness of the jungle and the rocky mountainalong the sea shore attracted us but it surprised us when we looked down to the sea side: A peacefull bay that could see the sea bed through the clear water. Finnally, after more than 1 hour on the rocky road, we could see the "green valley". From a very far, the green fields of rice and corn, houses, buffalo, cows and boats are in sight but they were really tiny.

Follow down the hill, in the end of road is the peacefull fisherman village. Everything so quiet and calm, some buffalo were eating grass, some kids harvested coconut in the garden and a beach along the blue sea without foot print spread out of sight.

Beside the NInh Van Hideaway resort, there're many more resorts but they were deserted, Ninh Van Hideway is the only one in operation. 

We talked to Mr Trà Thái Lâm, the president of Ninh Van ward, he hoped after this rainy season when the road to Ninh Van is opened, the princess "Ninh Van" will be awaken. 

 By Trần Tiến Dũng (

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Awake Ninh Van bay
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