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The bronze casting village

Nha Trang is not only popular with white sand beaches and tranquil archipelagos but also the traditional professional villages. The skills that formed the name of these villages were inherited from ancestor: it’s bronze casting. Diên Khánh, the traditional bronze casting, professional village, is just away from Nha Trang about 10 km. It’s located in Phú Lộc Tây district, Diên Khánh, Khánh Hòa province.

No one know the bronze casting profession was started, even the elders with high reputation in the village. According to the relic that is kept in the village, the bronze casting profession was announced in the year of Tự Đức 36th.

In this village, foundry workers join the Foundry organization. This organization has discipline and a chief that manages the Foundry of the organization. In the beginning, there were some families produced casting things such as bronze pots, bronze pans… after a long time, the casting profession was developed and became a traditional village. Nowadays, there’re 30 families join the Foundry organization and their products are mainly focused in worshiping thing.

To make a bronze product, the foundry worker must go through the processes of creating molds, melting bronze and pouring melted bronze into the molds. Molds are created from clay, paper, lime and some time with fine grinded bricks. Clay was well processed before making molds for making the casting surface smooth, flawless… When molds creating is finished, the molds are burned until they are done. Controlling the fire in the burning process is really important, it decide the quality of molds.

Long time ago, in Diên Khánh village, the foundry profession was very prosperous. War and the market was decreased, some families stopped this profession and changed their career for living. Recently, the demand of the market in bronze casting was increased, the bronze casting profession resumed. The products of Diên Khánh bronze casting professional village are not only bronze castings for worshiping, they’re also works of art with high value.

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The bronze casting village
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