Treasures of the Nguyen Dynasty

10/19/2010 12:00:00 AM |
After more than 50 years of preserving in the Vietnam History Museum, the treasures symbolize the power of the feudal dynasties such as golden seals, the king's swords ... were first introduced to the public on Oct 9th 2010.

Royal palace is always a mystery to people , it's included of the treasures of many dynasties. In hundreds of years, there're not so many people knew or witnessed these treasures. Therefore, the treasures of many dynasties of Vietnam are always behind the mystery. A lot of people don't even know the existing of these treasures or they are preserver in the museums or in the collections that belong to the collectors scattered around the world. Some people misconceived in identifying these treasures, they assumed some normal things in the palace are royal treasures. Time has changed, many historical events happened, from 1959 until now, hundred of treasures of Le Dynasty, Nguyễn Dynasty such as the golden seals, golden swords, golden books, the emperor's golden accessories or things made from pearl... are still kept and protected in the Vietnam Historical Museum. They are the priceless treasures of Vietnamese. It's not only keep the value of the history but also reflect the skill of the royal artisans through each period of times. At the first exhibition, although the number of treasures is not so much but for the assurance of security, the Vietnam Historical Museum has used the 2 layers of 12 millimeters glass exhibition cabinets, the closing/opening function with password protection, 2 layers steel pedestal. The exhibition hall has been setup with the 24/24. security cameras..

The crown of Nguyễn Dynasty  (19th century), 660 gram in weight, with golden detail

The crown of Nguyễn Dynasty  (19th century), more than 700 gram in weight, with golden detail

The back of the crown is carved sophisticated

From left to right: The golden seal “Sắc mệnh chi bảo”, weight 8.5 kg, made in 1827, the pearl seal “Đai Nam Thu thiên vĩnh mệnh truyền quốc tỷ” of the Nguyễn dynasty, the “Quốc gia tín bảo” golden seal , weight 5 kg in the year of emperor Gia Long

Golden seal “Sắc mệnh chi bảo” 

Pearl cup with golden mosaic of the Nguyễn dynasty

Golden sword of Nguyễn dynasty (upper image) and the golden sword “An dân bảo kiếm” in the year of Khải Định (1913-1925) 

Golden thing with pearl mosaic of Nguyễn dynasty in 19th century

Golden book, made in the 5th year of Gia Long (1806) weight 2,1 kg.

Golden sinks of the Nguyễn dynasty, in the 5th year of Duy Tân (1911), weight 1,4 kg.

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