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Trà Sư mangroves forest

Trà Sư mangroves forest is located in An Giang province, away from Long Xuyên city 10km. Trà Sư mangroves forest has diversity flora and fauna; further more, it's the symbol of the nature beauty of An Giang. Traveler can reach Trà Sư mangroves forest by go along road 941.


Trà Sư mangroves forest is located on the area of 845 hectare and the buffer area of 643 hectare. It's just away from the border of Vietnam - Cambodia 10 km. Trà Sư mangroves is on the travel route of Cấm mount, Sam mount... In Trà sư mangroves there're 140 kinds of plant, most of plants in Trà Sư  mangroves forest are melaleuca. Trà Sư mangroves forest  is also home of 11 kinds of animals, 22 kind of reptiles, 70 kind of birds, many of them are in the "red book". 


The best time for visiting Trà Sư mangroves is from September to February. It's the time when the water covers alover the mangroves creates a stunning scenes.


Visitor can use motorcycle to enter the mangroves by following the trail along the surrounded dike or hire a small boat to travel to the core of Trà Sư mangroves.

Near by the restaurant area in the mangroves, there's a tower with 25m high where you can enjoy the overview of Trà Sư mangroves forest...



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Trà Sư mangroves forest
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