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Non la Hue

Shape characteristics that make a difference anymore of nón lá Huế (conical hat). Figure balance of nón lá Huế has been improve by several generations of talented hats makers to create a reasonable size of Nón lá.

Accidentally, the ratio of morden Nón lá Huế ( height, radius ) is near with the golden ratio when compare with the ratio of the old nón lá ( nón lá of Vietnamese soldier and citizen hundred years ago) and nón lá in other regions in Vietnam.

The researchers said that nón lá Hue today is not too similar to nón lá of Vietnamese troops in the feudal time , not too wide as the nón lá shape in early twentieth century. When looking at anyone wear nón lá, he could tell where she/he come from Quảng Bình or Huế, base on the feudal of Nón lá.
The shape of nón lá Huế depend on its molds that make from a few talented nón lá makers. The skills of making nón lá molds are preserved, handed down ... as a hereditary family protected.

The beauty of nón lá Hue come from the thin, soft and gentle. Someone has tried to weight nón lá Huế, it was too light, just only 60 grams. By the book that was published under Nguyen Dynasty, nón lá had been praised "Nón lá Hue has the shapes as thin as paper, light like the wings of swallows, beautiful and durable, are popular."

Frame of Nón lá Huế usually has 16 rings, divided into the placement and size of the nón lá. Nón lá Hue is made ​​from a kind of bamboo but has a smaller proportion of distribution in central (from Quang to the midle area of Vietnam). Bamboo for making the frame must be old enough and cut into proper size when they're fresh then they will be dried on smoke to turn into yellow and has the endurance and flexible

Frame of nón lá is handmade but now .during the frame making, nón lá maker use machine to have better productivity.

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