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Tomb of Dục Đức

Tomb of Dục Đức (An Lăng - Peace Tomb) is a relic of relics of the ancient capital of Hue, is the burial place of Dục Đức emperor, the 5th emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty.

The "Tomb of Dục Đức " concept is now used to refer to the whole architectural complex located in an area of ​​nearly 6 ha, including the Tomb of Dục Đức, queens,42 graves of prince, princess and 121 graves of the Nguyễn Phước family (direct relative of Dục Đức emperor).

The "Tomb of Dục Đức" located in the central area of ​​about 1ha. The tomb includes 2 areas: the shrine and the burial area in parallel with each other. Both areas are walled.
Compared with other tombs of the other Nguyen emperors, architecture of Dục Đức tomb is simple and modest. Tomb has two areas: Long Ấn hall and emperor and queen burial place.

Area rectangular tomb with 3.445m ² area, there's no stele house and the stone statues as the other tombs. The gate is 3 doors gate, which has roofing cement. The center of the burial area Huỳnh Ốc house, that was replaced for the stele house. Inside the house there's no stone stele, instead there's a stone altar for emperor worshiping. The Long Ân hall is in the center area was built in the traditional type of Hue. Inside the hasll there're three altars of all the emperors: Dục Đức, Thành Thái, Duy Tân and the queen of Dục Đức.

In the rear of Long Ân hall was the palace of the queen. It's now the burial place of Duy Tân and Thành Thái emperors, the queens, 39 graves of the prince, pricess and 121 gaves of the royal relatives.

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