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The Royal Citadel

The Citadel is the second inner walls into the Citadel of Hue, which functions to protect the most important palaces of the court, the ancestral shrine of the Nguyen and protect the Forbidden City - reserved for the king and royal family. It is often referred to Imperial Citadel and Forbidden City is the Imperial Palace.

Map of the Royal citadel, the green indicate the existing building, the red indicate buildings that are no longer existed.

The Citadel was built in 1804, but until 1833, under the reign of emperor Minh Mang, it was completed the entire compound with more than 100 buildings.
Citadel has a nearly square, each side about 600 meters, built of brick, 4m high, 1m thick, around with protection moat, with four entrances: The main (south) is Ngọ Môn Gate, the East Hiển Môn gate, the West Chương Đức gate, the North Hòa Bình gate. All the bridges and the lakes were dug around the the citadel of have name Kim Thủy.

The area inside the Citadel
Defense area: including ring around the outside, the gate, the lake (trenches), bridges and observation.
Area of Grand celebration, including the buildings:

Ngọ Môn, the main gate of the Citadel - which organized the parade, ceremony of annoucement of new graduated banchelor.
Thai Hoa Palace - where the ceremony celebrating the great meeting 2 times a month (on days 1 and 15 lunar calendar), the coronation ceremony, royal birthday, the National Day holiday ...
The shrine area which shall be located at the front, two side vertical axis of the Citadel in order from the inside out, including:
The temples for worshiping the Nguyen ancestors.
Area for grandmother and mother of emperor (rear right), including Trường Sanh palace (for the princess and prince) and Vạn Thọ palace (for the King's Mother).
Area for the prince education, garden entertaining as Cơ Hạ, Khâm Văn palace (on the rear, left).... and many more buildings.

The Citadel relics

  • Ngọ Môn
  • Thái Hoà palace and Đại Triều Nghi the great yard
  • Hưng Tổ Temple
  • Thế Tổ Temple
  • Triệu Tổ Temple
  • Thái Tổ Temple
  • Diên Thọ palace
  • Trường Sanh  palace
  • Hiển Lâm Các
  • Cửu Đỉnh (nine cauldron)
  • Phụng Tiên palace 

Going through the changes of time, history... the buildings in the royal citadel remain nearly half to the original structures.

You could see the album of Royal citaden nowaday here and the Royal citadel album that was shot under the Nguyen reign here.

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