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The nipa palm forest

Away from Hội An about 15 minutes by bus, Cẩm Thanh is one of the districts that was not urbanized recently. This place was known of its Nipa palm forest, with the area of 7 hectares. A mark of the Southern in the area of Hội An city.

 Travelers could experience the feeling of exploring the nipa palm forest while staying in Hội An, that was the privilege of the Southern, on small boats. The exploration with following along the canals between the nipa palms, witnessing the life of the local people or riding the buffalos wandering around the village.

 Beside the agriculture – fisheries, the people in Cẩm Thanh - Hội An have the traditional skill specialty: Making house from nipa palm. This is the unique traditional skill only in Cẩm Thanh - Hội An. Local people harvest nipa palm in Cẩm Thanh once per year, each nipa palm provides 3 or 4 leaves. The nipa palm leaves were soaked about 1 week then will be dried.

 A 100 meters square house will take 60 days to complete and will be used within 30 years. The cost for the nipa palm house is very cheap when comparing to a normal house. This could be a good choice while visiting Hội An, a chance to discover another face of Hội An, that is well known with the World Heritage.


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The nipa palm forest
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