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Thanh Hà pottery village

Away from Hoi An 3 km to the west, Thanh Ha is a very thriving village, famous for pottery items, potteries are exchanged, wholesalers throughout the central provinces of Vietnam . Pottery village of origin from Thanh Hoa, after having acquired some techniques, the village has formed a pottery village.

Pottery village focus on products such as jars, jar vases, water bowls to serve people's lives. With the raw materials is clay and their skillfully hands, they made colorful products and many shapes. The Thanh Ha pottery workers have made and provided bricks, tiles, tile flooring for the old houses in Hoi An and the surrounding areas.

At present, Thanh Ha pottery villagers are doing the same job and the way their ancestors did in the last centuries. In skillful hands, and their virtuosity, the lovely flower bottle, the teapot, wine bottle, what a warm, cradling soldiers, the chum, lu, jars and jars and even the beloved animals like buffalo , cows, cats, pigs ... formed rapidly.

in addition to career development based on tourism, the village of Thanh Ha Pottery craftsmen still want to find a direction for their products. They choose the production of ceramic art products for export. Further more, they serve the renovation and construction of ancient buildings in Hoi An. Today, the ancient houses in Hoi An are needed skilled hands and minds of intelligent, creative workers of Thanh Ha pottery. They are the only partner who can provide the building bricks, roof tiles are standard, with high quality specifications and service of restoration, conservation of the Hoi An, a World Cultural Heritage .


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Thanh Hà pottery village
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