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Kim Bồng Carpentry village

Kim Bồng Carpentry village was formed from the 15th century by the first Vietnamese from the northern delta to the land of Hoi An at the time.

In late 16th century, early 17th century, the carpentry in Kim Bồng began to develop thanks to the prosperous trading port of Hoi An. In 18th century, Kim Bong carpentry has developed into a strong and thriving village with three distinct groups of occupations: carpentry construction of urban architecture, carpentry and civil shipbuilding wood boat.

Places and the carpentry in Kim Bồng has been mentioned in a book that was wrote by Le Quy Don in the 18th century. With its reputation, many union of carpenters of Kim Bồng were summoned to the capital of Hue for the constructions of the royal citadel.

Many carpenters among them were promoted to government officers... Particularly for ancient town of Hoi An, the talented hands of Kim Bong carpenters have contributed their effords to the development of Hoi An through years with hundred of buildings.

Thanks to the economic and cultural exchanges in Urban - Commercial port of Hoi An with the presence of many foreign traders had helped Kim Bong carpentry absorb more rustic essence of Cham art, China, Japan and many other countries in the region to create a positive experience, characteristic for Kim Bồng carpentry. Products of Kim Bồng carpentry today are not only for the local but also spreading to the whole country and the world.

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Kim Bồng Carpentry village
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