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Hội An ancient wells

In Hội An, there're about 80 ancient wells left. Most fo them concentrated in distribution along the north shore of De Vong River, in the Old Quarter, the rest are scattered in many places. These wells are usually located away the river bank about 50-150 m, particularly, some wells only 6-10 m.

In coastal areas, wells and houses are in the popular circle style, but in the old quarter, most of popular wells are square or upper parts are circle and the under ground are square. The wells are located on the campus of religious relics such as assembly halls, the temples. Material of these wells are mostly brick, stone. These wells have a heterogeneous age, formed at different times of many centuries.

Some researchers suggest that the type of wells have the shape: square shape for under ground part and the rounded for the upper parts were built by Cham before the 15th century, when the Vietnamese came to reside, they inherited these wells to serve their needs. Others supposed Chinese and Vietnamese "technical study" of the Cham people and built these wells. Although there are many different designs but all wells have the same characteristics square wooden frame (with iron) beneath the tiles. Wood frame important role in ensuring the life of the wells, the wells keep long-term stability, not subsidence.

The walls of wells are the bricks that are stacked without mortar adhesive, creating gaps in walls so the ground water flow to maintain water levels in wells. In particular, these wells have the altar to worship the "Spirit of well." Mr Vo Hong Viet, a ancient wells researcher in Hoi An, this is a spiritual factor of Hoi An ancient inhabitants concept: each ancient well has a protector spirit.

Although locations close to salt water river but water in these wells are cool and fresh, water levels are high and stable, even on sunny days term. In Hoi An there's a job that exists over the years, it is well water transporter. There're many families live by this job through generations in hundred years.

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Hội An ancient wells
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