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Fujian Assembly Hall

Fujian Assembly Hall was built by a group of Fujian (China) arrived Hoi An 1759.

By legend, the forerunner of the Fujian Assembly Hall was a small temple for worshiping Thien Hau Holy Mother statue (The God that bless the traders who travel over the ocean) that was picked off the coast of Hoi An in 1697.

The Fujian Assembly Hall was restored several times, most of the contribution by the Chinese of Fujian, Fujian Assembly hall became resplendent and spacious. Fujian Assembly hall expressed profound oriental philosophy of human happiness through the layout of worshiping.

The Fujian Assembly Hall is a relic of religious belief of the ancient town of Hoi An. Every year, on Nguyen Tieu day (15th lunar month), lunar days of February 16, March 23 ... in Fujian Assembly hall there're many festival activities attracted many visitors included of the local people and travelers.

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Fujian Assembly Hall
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