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Saigon center

District 1 is the central district of Ho Chi Minh City. The authorities, the Consulate and the buildings are concentrated in this district.

District 1 is considered crowded district and has the highest living standards in every aspect of the city, expressed in the phrase "Eat in District 5, resting in District 3 , house in District 1". Dong Khoi and Nguyen Hue Boulevard are the main commercial streets of District 1

Most of the prominent buildings of the city are located there: the Opera House, Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office Building, City People's Committee, Reunification Hall (former Independence Palace). In particular, recently inaugurated the city tower Bitexco Financial Tower, the highest tower Ho Chi Minh City (2012). District 1 is the highlight of a cultural center, the commercial center, plaza and is also home to many restaurants and clubs as well as various types of cultural activities of the countries in the world.

This is largely concentrated district buildings buildings, the city's major parks, such as Tao Dan parks, zoos. Beside, there are also city museums, Radio, Saigon Post Office in this area.

In the near future when the Thu Thiem new urban area is built, will have five bridges over Saigon River was completed connecting this district with the new center in District 2. Currently, Thu Thiem a tunnel under Saigon river was open to reduce the time of traveling from district 1 to district 2, hence, Thu Thiem ferry was closed on Dec 31 2011 after 100 hundred years of operation.

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