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Sơn Trà Peninsula

Son Tra peninsula was island that were formed by three mountains in the southeast mountain called Hòn Nghê mountain, the west mountain Mỏ Diều and the northern mountains Cổ Ngựa. Over the years, the alluvial alluvium form a strip of land associated with the island. And from that later became the Son Tra Peninsula today.

Son Tra is a privilege that nature has generously given to Da Nang. Stand anywhere in Da Nang city you can see the Sơn Trà mountain. In the shape of leaning toward the ocean, Son Tra peninsula is a giant curtain that become a storm shield for the city.

Son Tra Peninsula

Away from the city center 10 km to the northeast, Son Tra Peninsula with the height of 693 m above sea level, Son Tra peninsula is also a nature conservation area and rich diversity, and protected under the national regime of the forbidden forest. It is famous as home to unique flora with many rare animals such as deer, monkeys, gibbons, orangutans, monkeys rub the patch, red chicken ...

On the peak of Son Tra moutain, just enjoy the cool air of sea and mountains, just looking toward the city far away, the entire city of Danang, Marble Mountain, coral Ba Na - Nui Chua ... as totally in sight of everyone.
And at the foot of the mountain, with beautiful colorful coral would be ideal for the diving. With the aim of bringing this beautiful peninsula on a lot more service for tourism, the city government has to plan the area with many new resorts have been built as: Bai Rang, Bai Nom and Bai Nam ... along the main road along the mountainside.

Da Nang city from the Son Tra peak

Vast and romance, beautiful and liberal, one day in Son Tra will be immersed in the splendor of sunrise and sunset, the quiet peninsula, the charming mountains and blue clear water. This is definitely the time we will recognize the value of each moment in live.

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