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Hai Vân gate

Hai Van gate is the most important gate located on a tributary of the Truong Son head to the sea. It is the geographical boundary of Da Nang and Hue. It away Da Nang city 20 km to the south, 80 km to the north of Hue city. Hai Van Pass is the longest and highest slope in Vietnam, the highest place of the pass of Hai Van is "Hai Van gate", it's higher than 496m above sea level and was built since the Minh Mang reign.

The east with immense sea, mountain on the west seem endless. Hai Van from the past was well known for the title of "The most beautiful gate of the land," by its grandeur and splendor.

On the way traveling through Vietnam you can not ignore the special pass. From South to North Vietnam, there's no any dangerous mountain pass as Hai Van pass.On the pass on you can meet the road in C-shaped bends, S, Z, U shaped. You must ride very carefully, going through the mountain pass is always faced with moments of anxiety shortness of breath ..

The pass winding on the mountains, from far away, it's looking like a crooked ribbon squeezed between the blue sky. Dagerous but Hai Van pass can easily make travelers stunning by it beauty, the harmony beauty of the of cloud, mountains and sea.

To Vietnamese, just hearing the name of Hai Van, people could imagine the world of Hai Van pass. It's the combination of scenery, dangerous and the feeling of conquer this great pass.

On the sunny day, when standing on the Hai Van Pass we can see the whole scene around: Tien Sa port, Son Tra Peninsula, the Marble Mountains ..., ​​small boats on the sea glitering under the sun. Looking toward the north we could see Lang Co beach, the range of White Horse and the picturesque white sand beach extends endlessly...

Le Thanh Ton was the first king arrived here (in 1741). From the Hai Van gate, he looked far off to see the fertile plains, he must admired the beauty of nature and gave Hai Van gate the title."The most beautiful and greatness gate of the kingdom", currently, there's still remain 6 letters engraved gold plaque from Minh Mang reign.

At Hai Van gate you have to go along the small path, you just can walk only, there is a flat ground, you can park your vehicle and go visiting around, take pictures ... go straight forward the Hai Van gate appeared in front of you. Hai Van gate was built of brick, in the old time people had to pass through this gate must shown their ID paper. Time passe by and with severe erosion, the Hai Van gate is now covered with moss, but the architecture is definitely solid.

Also because the rugged terrain, so Hai Van was always the key position that the military forces want to occupy, during the Vietnam against the French and Americans many battle happened here. Now at the Hai Van gate you will see a lot of military stations fort, rock wall ... which has a fortified military station, this station by the French army building to defend in 1826.

August 27, 2000, the tunnel through the mountain pass was officially started, "The most beautiful and greateness gate of the kingdom" turned into a new chapter. The Hai Van tunnel inaugurated in June 2005 and put into use and became a tunnel through the mountain longest in Southeast Asia. 6km tunnel replaced more than 25 km road passes dangerous. This has created huge premise for the economic development and tourism of the area in central Vietnam. Hai Van pass is used mostly for sightseeing and tourist.

This openning of Hai Van tunnel has been rearranged for traffic order in Hai Van, ended the bus full of anxiety, these tragic accidents, traffic jams these days long time, and connected two north-south, trying to link legacy My Son with Hoi An ancient town. Now just 15 minutes from the beach you can straight from Lang Co beach to Nam O beach.

Over time and human innovation, what you give human nature gradually become human values. Hai Van is the interference between two lands, to delight Here you can conquer the peak, enjoy yourself in the vast nature...

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