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Da Nang Beaches

Danang has 60 kilometers beach long with stunning and uninterrupted stretches from Hai Van Pass to Marble Mountain - Ngũ Hành Sơn. Below are some of the most beautiful beaches in Da Nang that you could not ignore.Non Nuoc beach stretches for almost 5km with wide sandy beach and clean water. Non Nước beach is located near the foot of the Marble Mountains, next to the Non Nuoc stone carving village with many beautiful sculptures. There're many types of water sports especially surfing. Rescue team is alway available here.

Non Nước beach

Bac My An beaches: away from the city center around 7km to the southeast, where there are many beautiful beaches such as T18, the Mỹ Đa Đông east, the Mỹ Đông 3, Bắc Mỹ An...

Bắc Mỹ An beach

Thanh Binh Beach: Located in the city of Da Nang, Thanh Binh beach is a popular rendezvous spot, ideal for relaxing for the people of Da Nang. Water sports are available here: windsurfing, yachting, boat ... It is also a popular place for traveller.

Thanh Bình beach

Nam O Beach: According to locals, the name of Nam Ô means: Nam Ô - The south of the Ô district (very old location). Nam Ô Beach has moderate slope, stretch along the foot of the mountain. Mountains reflected on the blue sea, white sand..It creates a very beautiful landscapes. From Nam O beach, travellers can reach Sơn Trà peninsula by road along the mountain or boat toward the West and visiting ethnic villages of Ka-Tu in Hoa Bac Commune, Hoa Vang district.

Nam Ô beach

Xuan Thieu beach: The beach is clean, beautiful white sand, blue clear sea, it's also known as a "Red Beach" (Red beach). Because visiting here at sunrise or sunset, when the sun light reflection on the water, making the beach red. Just witness, you will understand the meanning of Red Beach..


Xuân Thiều beach

Son Tra Peninsula: along the coast of Son Tra Peninsula, there're 3 famous beaches such as North Beach, South Beach and Bụt beach. Traveller come here to explore the primeval forest with rich flora and fauna of the Peninsula or the Great Reef and beautiful under the sea. Riding the "basket boats" (you could see in the pic of Non Nước beach) for fishing, squid fishing.

Sơn Trà beach

Tiên Sa beach

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Nam O Beach: According to locals, the name of Nam

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