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Bà Nà Hills

Mount Ba Na is one of the most beautiful mountain in Da Nang with the Marble Mountains Ngũ Hành Sơn and Son Tra Peninsula. May 2-1900, Indochina Governor appointed Captain Paul Doumer Debay - French military reconnaissance - to explore of the mountains surrounding the area of ​​Da Nang - Hue to find more of a vacation, resort and healing.

After several exploration, on May 4-1901, Debay expedition found the mountain of the Lord, Bana that on top has fairly flat terrain, the climate is similar to Dalat and away from Da Nang city about 46km to the west.


The origin of name Bana, some assumed that when the French arrived in this area they should see a lot of banana so they called as Mount Banane and Vietnamese called Bana due to misspellings. But writer Nguyen Ngoc said that the word "Bà Nà" in Katu (ethnic minority) means "mountain of mine". Another legend says the mountain is the abbreviation for the name of Ponagar.

In 1912, when the Governor of Indochina issued a decree that turned Bà Nà into a forest conservation area, the researching of this mountains was strengthened and in May 1919, lawyers Beisson became the first person to build Resort on the Ba Na. 

To 23-7-1921, at Ba Na, there were licensed 39 plots of 36 building owner, distributed in clusters. In 1928, the road to the top of Ba Na was completed, with over 15km winding dirt road, winding. Visitors to Ba Na in this time was still pretty meager.

In 1938, Bana was considered as a popular resort on par with the resort at that time as Le Bokor (Cambodia), Cape Saint Jacques (Vung Tau), Tam Dao, Sapa ...

After 1945, the resort was abandoned and trees were covered in obscurity for nearly half a century. In early 1998, Danang People's Committee decided to build the Ba Na resort into a large-scale ecological systems motels, restaurants, nature reserve ...

The road from the foot of Ba Na mountain to the top has been paved 15km long, convenient for transportation. After 2000, Bana was awakened and re-create its original status as a tourist town and quickly return to the position of one of the most famous resort city of Da Nang City.

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