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Traditional village Túy Loan

Tuy Loan is the name of the village that was established more than 500 years ago when the ancestors of following families: Lâm, Nguyễn, Trần, Lê. They were asked by King Le Thanh Ton to expand territory in the XV century. After centuries, the village still retains its original status and Bồ Bản temple still with traditional activities such as the annual ceremonies were celebrated very respectfully.

The village is located 15km to the west of Da Nang city,Tuy Loan Village is considered one of the oldest villages in Vietnam.

Tuy Loan communal house was built by the five families: Đặng, Lâm Nguyễn, Trần, Lê in 1470 (Hong Duc reign), about half of the world XV century. According to historical descriptions, in which time, Tuy Loan communal house made of bamboo.

ByIn 1787, the commune house was repaired the first time. In the winter 1888, it was restored again. This was completed in 8 months by the military general Đặng responsible for the reparing. The commune house has been repaired many times but still retains the old architecture, architectural nuances of belief, evidence of a long-standing cultural village coastal of Da Nang.

Túy Loan commune house, where cultural activities - folk festivals take place annually. Every year there are 2 major festivas: Spring worship on 14 and 15 February (lunar calendar). and August 14th and August 15th for Autum worship  

The festival, worship were celebrated solemnly included of carnival, traditional music with lot of villagers.

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