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The Spanish graveyard

Locals call it "the Spainish graveyard ", while the French called "Ossuaire", ie the hill of ossuary.

This is a collective cemetery burying thousands of French and Spanish soldiers that were killed from the first attack on Da Nang in 1858 to 1860, the openning period of French colonial in Vietnam.

On the road, at the turning right down Tien Sa beach looking up a high mound, flickers a white crucifix hidden in the foliage. A small chapel with a cross inscribed "SPES UNICA", below are the Latin words in a winding pattern.On the upper border of the main door is embossed with the word "OSSUAIRE". Around the chapel are the tombs built of cement with simple struture.

The Chapel is about 3m wide, 12m long and about 3.5 m high, within only one altar in the Catholic style, a line of French words - etched in dome shape symmetry: "A la Memoire des combattants Francais et de l'Expedition Espagnols Rigault de Genouilly. Mort en 1858 - 59-60 en lieux et ensevelissement "("For the memory of French and Spanish soldiers of the expedition of Rigault de Genuoilly. Death of 1858 - 59-60 and were buried here.")

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