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The relics of Mỹ Sơn Cham tower

My Son, relics of temple tower, is Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district, located 45 km to the west from Hội An town, it's about 70 km away from center of Danang city to the southwest. This relic area is a set of ancient towers of Champa, where the ideal space for religious ceremonies. In Dec 1999, together with the ancient town of Hoi An, My Son temple towerrelic have been listed to the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage.

The Champa present scattered in many places, from Central and Southern Highlands up to. My Son relic is one of the areas they lived and it's the place where the researching is focused. It is assumed as a cultural center, of their religion. In addition to the ceremony, helping the kingdom contact to the holy spirit, My Son is also the burial place of kings, priests.

In 1898, a Frenchman named MC Paris discovered the My Son temples relic discreetly located in a narrow valley, between the dense forests. Soon thereafter, the scientists of the ancient Far East Institute came to investigated the inscriptions and architectural works, sculptures here. They also pulled back the curtain of this secret and sacred places to see, this is the spectacular religious monuments, the most characteristic of Champa, build continuously for over 1,000 years.

Work started on the 4th century by King Bhadravarman (who ruled from 349 to 361 years) and ends in late 13th century and early 14th century during the reign of King Jaya Simhavarman 3. Mỹ Sơn is a populations with more than 70 temple towers with many styles of architecture, sculpture representing every historical period of the kingdom of Champa.

Most of the buildings, sculptures in My Son were influenced by Hinduism. Most of temples face toward the east, the rising sun, the divine shelter, except for a few turns to the west tower, or both east - west, reflecting the concept of the afterlife of the king was deified after death and to show our ancestral memories.


The magnificent tower after the war and the destruction of the time, now longer existed. To date, My Son only retain about 20 towers. However, all materials inscriptions, archaeological results, the physical traces, relic are displayed in museums in the country such as Da Nang Cham Museum, History Museum, Ho Chi Minh City ... it is enough to admire the architecture, sculpture and decoration of the ancient Champa.

According to the study of art and culture of Vietnam and abroad, My Son contains six styles are identified according to standard architecture of My Son. In particular, the construction in the 10th century is considered the pinnacle.
Specifically, to date, technical adhesive materials vascular lakes in the construction of towers in My Son remains a mystery and it always stimulates curiosity, passion for research and discovery by scientists. The layer of brick and stone building at the Champa ruins were built almost invisible grout.

There Are many ideas about how Champa built their towers ... But so far there are no accurate conclusions.

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